Linda Mikolášková - costumes, theatre, fireshow, performance, makeup

Linda Mikolášková
pracovitá holka
hardworking woman

MgA. Linda Mikolaskova

She has never been directly working either for a supranational corporation, at the office, nor has she ever been sustained by anyone. She can thus be proud of her happy and honest freedom.


Conceptual studies graduated  from AVU in Prague (ateliers led by M. Šejn, T. Vaněk, Z. Libera, Gelitin, M. Knížák, U. Grossarth)


Within the university studies she combined her regular attendance with travelling through Europe and Asia, studies of pantomime and clownery (HAMU). She was practising yoga, realized or participated within numerous performances, shows and exhibitions.


Co-founder of the theatre ensemble Amanitas, co-owner of independent gallery Berlinskej Model based in Prague.

Chairman of Amanitas o.s. and BM o.s.  (non- governmental organisations)


Currently working as a freelance performer, costume designer and stage make-up artist.